OSX86 Project

This is a collection of guides I've made to install Mac OS on a PC and helpful link I used and/or kept as a reference. Note that the OSX86 project is about installing Mac OS on the your harddrive as a regular OS, just like linux or windows. It's not installing it as a VM, Mac sucks as a VM.

Setup Guides

If you're looking to install OSX86 on your PC, this is the place to be. I wrote extensive installation guides for any devices I accomplished it on.

  • Dell Optiplex 745 - This was my first hackintosh. Haven't revisited it since so the guide is a bit dated but it's still a great place to start.
  • Asus G75 VW - This was a powerhouse since it contained a dedicated Nvidia 670m graphics card (Asus disabled the integrated intel graphics since it's a gaming laptop).
  • Gigabyte P35G V2 (Also found here) - This was my last computer that I got Mac OS running on. As a result, it's the most up to date (out of date now but the install process hasn't changed much). This one took much more work than the last two.

Useful Links

This is a list of all of the webpages with helpful guides, tools, tips, and more that I found useful enough to bookmark