Android Projects

I've recently undertaken quite a few android projects, both with teams and on my own. Lots of cool stuff here.

Audio Mods

I'm well known on xda-developers forums for my work on audio mods. Here's the ones I'm involved in

Ainur Audio

Ainur Audio is a collection of audio mods that all greatly enchance the sound on android devices. These include: Arkamys, Bang & Olufsen IcePower, Dirac, JamesDSP, and Sauron. Sauron is a universal audio mod for most android versions and devices and is the core mod to Ainur.

Check out the official website Learn more on the xda thread

Audio Compatibility Patch

This is a fix for devices where systemwide dsp apps (like V4A or dolby) don't process audio from streaming apps like Spotify and TuneIn Radio. Also contains notificaiton_helper remover and usb policy patching

Audio Compatibility Patch

ViPER4Android Unity

This is the unity installer for ViPER4Android FX and XHiFi. See the Unity section below for details on unity. The 2.7 material apk has been updated to no longer need a zip so just grab the apk from the XDA thread or use the magisk module below. I also made a profile converter that will convert all profiles made with older v4a versions to v2.7 profile format and extracted the vdc's from the original v4a.


Binaries & Tools

Various binaries/tools I cross-compiled for android you may find useful

Other Mods

Other miscellaneous mods

Dm-Verity, Forced Encryption, and Disc Quota Disabler

Disables dm-verity, forced encryption, and/or disc quota. Flash this after flashing your rom. Simply change the name of the zip for what you want:

  • Add 'verity' to zipname to disable dm_verity (zipname already has this so remove this if you want to keep it enabled)
  • Add 'fec' or 'forceencrypt' to zipname to disable forceencrypt (zipname already has this so remove these if you want to keep it enabled)
  • Add 'quota' to zipname to disable disc quota

It's compatible with any device magisk is compatible with.

Disc quota may need to be disabled if on older twrp and/or want to downgrade to Nougat. More info on it here

Dm-Verity & ForceEncrypt Disabler

Kernel Sepolicy Patcher

Changes your kernel to either permissive or enforcing (whichever you choose)

Download here

Native Call Recording Enabled for OP5/5T

This is enables Native call recording on the oneplus 5/5t. All it does is place an init script that runs each boot. Due to this, it'll run at the proper time each boot and also works regardless of root solution (even works on rootless).

Download here

Remove Root Detection and App Protection from an APK

This XDA guide explains how to remove root detection from an apk and even built-in app modification protection. Use with care.

Check it out on this XDA Thread

Unity Installer

Unity installer is a template that allows a mod to be installed on any root solution. Makes life a lot easier for mod devs :)

Unity Template

Volume Key Selection in Flashable Zip Guide

This XDA post explains how you can use volume keys in any flashable zip. It's pretty neat

Check it out on this xda thread

Discontinued Mods

Mods that I've discontinued and no longer actively develop. The last version is still here if you want it.

AM3D Zirene Sound Port

The AM3D Zirene Sound is an audio mod ported from a Sharp rom with many effects such as an equalizer, spatial effects, level alignment, voice enhancement, and more.

AM3D Zirene Sound

Unified Hosts Adblock

Blocks ads by using Steven Black's Unified Hosts. This has been discontinued in favor of Adaway v4 which has been updated to support magisk systemless hosts. More information on it can be found at the xda thread for this mod below.

Unified Hosts Adblock